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Lightning fast Self-Checkout with AI and Computer Vision

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Customers spend more for Speed & Comfort


Speed: Recognition of everything on the tray within one second

Revenue Boost: Transaction volume increase by up to 40%

Eliminate Lines: Checkout 4x faster than old methods

Efficiency: Accurate non-stop checkout service 24/7

Comfort: Seamless customer experience for your guests

Put your delicious meal under the camera of the Robot-Cashier

See how the magic happens just in one second

Pay for the order and enjoy your meal!

For just €XXX/month per terminal.
SaaS / Leasing opportunities.

Lightning fast checkout is now made possible
Reduced Labor Costs - up to €3 100/month
Faster Sales – up to 4 times increase in revenue

Computer Vision Sees Everything

Recognises freshly made food Yes
Recognises pre-packaged food Yes
Notice deliberately hidden items Yes
Recognition accuracy 99,9 %

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Office in Paris, France - Production & Export
5 parvis Alan Turing, Paris 75004 - STATION F
Office in Astana, Kazakhstan - IT & Development
46-14 Sauran str., Astana

Mass Media

Robotic Cashier has successfully passed pilot application in well-known European operators of public catering. Each Robotic Cashier allows self-service restaurants or cafeteria to save up to 2’000 euro per month.

Press Release dedicated to Viva Technology exhibition (Paris, 15-18 June 2022)


How does it work?

Robot Cashier uses high definition cameras and computer vision for food recognition.

What is the price of Robot-Cashier?

€499/month per each Robot-cashier or you can buy it for good

How much time it takes to install Robot Cashier in canteen?

Menu rotation period in your canteen + 7 days.

What kind of food does Robot Cashier recognise?

Everything from snacks to complex hot dishes and drinks

What technical equipment do you need to install Robot Cashier?

Just a socket – no more

What integrations do you have?

Robot-Cashier is easy-to-be-integrated with any POS-, ERP- or Food Management System.

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