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AI-based solution for self-service restaurants & corporate canteen to improve Customer Experience and decrease Labor Costs

Made in France. Inspired in Estonia


RRS is a French-Estonian startup based in Tehnopol, №1 Estonian startup incubator. We have created unique Neural Network capable to distinguish meals on a tray in self-service restaurant or corporate canteens within 1 sec. Our AI-based Robot-Cashiers decrease customers’ waiting time up to 10 times and provide savings for each self-service restaurant site up to €3’100/month.

We are targeted to become №1 AI-solutions provider for self-service dining in Europe and compete globally.

R&D allows us to provide solutions for Small Retail (gas stations & mini-shops) and Quality Control of Food/Dishes in the nearest future.




    AI-based solutions for catering & self-service restaurants to improve Customer Experience and dramatically decrease Labor Costs

    Gartner Hype Cycle expect a trend for Smart Robots

    hype-cycle-for-artificial-intelligence-2022 (1)
    The 2022 Gartner Hype Cycle™ name Smart Robots as one of the most prominent Artificial Intelligence
    (AI) must-know innovations expanding upcoming 5-10 years.
    Source: www.Gartner.com


    • On average, an office employee spends queueing 5m 46 sec at each lunchtime. In other words, 2.6 working days are wasted per year
    • Average consumer wait time in convenience stores and shops is from 3min 5sec to 5min 3sec depending on the city
    • Labor cost including taxes on each cashier in developed countries exceeds €3 637/month


    “Smart checkout technology is expected to be roughly $400 billion business by 2025 according to Juniper Research”
    Source: Forbes, 9 May 2022
    “6.3 million retail workers quit their jobs only in the first 10 months of 2021”
    Source: S&P Global, 9 December 2021
    TAM – Total Available Market.
    SAM – Serviceable Available Market.
    SOM – Serviceable Obtainable Market.

    TAM comes from data of Compass Group Annual Report 2021. Compass Group operates 55 000 sites, or 8,2% of global market. 1 site requires 2 Robot-cashiers, €8’000 each.
    For SOM we consider EU and US markets only. Catering chain operators in EU and US are 50% of global amount.
    RRS is targeted on catering in Business Industry, Education and Sports & Leisure sectors on 100%; in Healthcare & Senior Living and Defense, Offshore & Remote – on 50%.


    Robot-Cashier with AI-based video recognition

    • Crucial decrease of customers wait time – checkout and billing within 1 second
    • Labor Cost reduction – up to € 3’100/month per each Point of Sales (POS) 
    • Cost Saving Rate – 62%
    • Payback period – 4-5 months
    • Faster Sales – up to 3 times increase in revenue at peak hours, e.g. lunchtime at canteens
    • Easy-to-start Solution fully integrated with Point of Sales (POS) Systems, Food Management Systems, ERPs and loyalty programs

    Added Value

    • Improving Customers Experience
    • Decreasing customers’ waiting time 10 times and more
    • Savings on Labor Costs up to €3’100/month per each Robot-Cashier
    • 5-year warranty on hardware
    • Based on easy-to-retrain Neural Network
    • Capable to count items (e.g., sausages or pies)

    Piece goods

    .. ..


    .. ..


    1 sec.


    99,9 %

    Target: Checkout
    in 1 click

    1 click


    5 years

    Monthly price
    per 1 unit

    € 499/m

    Real-Life Cases

    Canteen of a Bank 1

    • 1500-dish menu
    • yearly metrics: 42 800 checks; 177 600 dishes within Business Lunch Set and 12 500 dishes à la carte;

    Canteen of a Bank 2

    • 200-dish menu
    • yearly metrics: 5 300 checks, 24300 checkout dishes à la carte

    Self-Service Restaurant in Business Center

    • 700-dish menu
    • yearly metrics: 4 300 checks; 11300 dishes à la carte;

    Mass Media

    “Robotic Cashier has successfully passed pilot application in well-known European operators of public catering. Each Robotic Cashier allows self-service restaurants or cafeteria to save up to 2’000 euro per month”
    Press Release dedicated to
    Viva Technology exhibition (Paris, 15-18 June 2022)

    • Made in France – by leading terminal manufacturer since 2011.
    • Proven savings: up to €3’100/month for each Robot-Cashier.
    • Users’ proven expenses (leasing without initial payment): €410-€550/month.
    • A restaurant unique menu list: up to 2,000+ dishes.
    • Proven integration with Food Management Systems, ERP and Point-of-Sale (POS) Systems.
    • Working Capital for scaling is provided by terminal Contract Manufacturer.
    • Ready-for-Scaling.




    1) Participation in all stages of the company’s product development.
    2) Development of client software for Windows, Linux platforms, backend development, integration of neural networks and computer vision systems, integration of analytics systems, integration with customer systems, etc.
    3) Participation in interactions with clients on integration issues.
    4) Technical control of the work of contractors, freelancers, code review of junior developers.
    5) Formation of requirements for DevOps processes, participation in the formation of the company’s technology strategy.


    1) Proficiency in C#, WPF, .NET Core, T-SQL;
    2) Good communication skills (you need to be able to clearly and simply describe your completed and current tasks to the team);
    3) It is mandatory to have completed projects or major improvements to existing products;
    4) Work experience: from 3 years – Middle, 1-2 years – Junior.

    What would give you an edge:

    1) Experience of integration with R–keeper, iiko.
    2) Experience with ORM (EF, EF Core).
    3) Experience in Linux, knowledge of Docker.
    4) Experience and willingness to work in a dynamically developing startup.
    5) Knowledge of SCRUM, Agile.

    We offer:

    1. Full-time, 5/2.
    2. Flexible work schedule, remote work.
    3. The prospect of growth in the company.
    4. The possibility and conditions for creating an AI solution of international scale in FoodTech.
    5. Opportunities for professional development, including training at the expense of the company.
    6. Participation in strategic sessions with the founders and investors.
    7. Participation in conferences, Meetups, Tech Talks and Stand-ups.
    8. Positive atmosphere and friendly team – we organize corporate parties, give gifts for birthdays.
    10. The salary level is discussed with each candidate.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How does it work?
    Robot Cashier uses high definition cameras and computer vision for food recognition.
    You can see fully functioning Robot Cashier in our video

    What is the price of Robot-Cashier?
    One time payment of €12’000 per 1 Robot-Cashier or ~ €499*/month per 1 Robot-cashier.

    How much time it takes to install Robot Cashier in canteen?
    Menu rotation period in your canteen + 7 days.

    What kind of food does Robot Cashier recognise?
    Any dish food, countable food, drinks, snacks, etc.

    What technical equipment do you need to install Robot Cashier?
    You need justan electricity plug to have fully operating Robot Cashier.

    What integrations do you have?
    Robot-Cashier easy-to-be-integrated with any POS-, ERP- or Food Management System.

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